The Temperance Spirit Company

Teetotal ‘GnT’ – Made from natural ingredients and botanicals found in a good quality Gin and Tonic.

Cuba Libre - The Temperance Spirit Company has brought their 2nd adult styled flavoured drink to market.

Cuba Libre has all the flavour of Dark Rum and Cola  - It is made from natural ingredients. A superior blend of Caribbean flavours, selected spices and premium cola and it contains 8.8grams of natural cane sugar 38Kcal per 100ml

All the flavour without the alcohol. A unique and refreshing adult-styled soft drink. Perfect for the times when you can’t have an alcoholic drink but still want to feel part of the party.....

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Our fantastic G'n'T & Cuba Libre is designed to bring you all the flavour, with none of the alcohol!  Whether you are the designated driver, pregnant or giving it your all for Dry January - You can cut out the alcohol, but still enjoy your favourite drink combinations!

Our fabulous products are available to buy today from our online store, straight from the manufacturers - so get your bottles today! 



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