cropped team imageHave you ever thought … wouldn’t it be great if there was a drink which tasted like your favourite alcoholic drink – not too sweet, something which made you feel part of the party, but without the alcohol…Well that’s exactly what 3 Yorkshire business men thought. Ian Ackroyd in the licenced trade for over 20 years, established that there was a demand for an adult soft drink alternative to fizzy pop for the designated driver or for those who fancied a change from alcohol.. A drink with all the flavour associated with their alcoholic counterpart. After a ‘merry’ discussion with Ian Jowett a former research chemist and doctor of chemistry along with Brendan Duckworth an entrepreneur, the three Yorkshiremen decided to do something about it.

They had strong views on what was required and agreed what has now become the company’s guiding principles:

To produce a decent quality drink that tastes as good as the “real thing” but only use naturally sourced ingredients and botanicals and never to use artificial sweeteners, yet to keep the sugar content to a minimum.


The concept was born and the Teetotal adult soft drink G’n’T was launched in late 2015. The first in a range of adult styled soft drinks planned for the future.

Gillian Venning joined the business mid 2016 and is focused on promoting the brand and developing strong relationships across on-trade and off-trade. Her back-ground is in hospitality sales and marketing.

In 2016 we tested GnT at food markets and festivals with the public and gained exceptional feedback from more than 10,000 individual samplings we carried out. The vast majority of people could not tell GnT was a soft drink and were quite shocked when we revealed that in fact if was nonalcoholic. We achieved over 90%+ approval on the taste. We have a growing number of loyal customers who are spreading the word and we see 2017 as a turning point with exceptional sales growth, peaking at Christmas. We welcome all to give Teetotal GnT a try, whether you are a customer, an outlet or a distributor, please do get in touch.

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